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Dead drops create an offline, peer-to-peer file sharing network that operates across public spaces. Any file can be uploaded on one of the dozens of flash drives that I installed in doorways, walls, benches and “Little Free Libraries” around the city. These USB sticks allow users to anonymously share information and data. Most people will pass by the tiny embedded USB sticks without even noticing their existence. However, an observant few will be surprised and perhaps delighted by this unexpected combination of technology and the built environment. Moments of joy often result from stumbling upon objects that seem out of place or out of the ordinary in our public realm. And the most curious of our urban explorers may even take the chance to plug their computer into the drives, sharing files and uncovering new ideas and wisdoms. Public spaces are supposed to be used by the public as places to gather, connect and share experiences. This is a modern day approach to creating these connections throughout our city and providing opportunities to teach and to learn freely, without moderation.

Dead Drops: Services
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